About us

Our company

Jade Land Enterprises Ltd (JLE Fashion) is a family run Wholesale Fashion business which has recently re-located to London.  We are the largest and cheapest supplier for wholesale Ladies Fashion Accessories, these include:-

i)      Wholesale Fashion bags and handbags

ii)     Whoelsale Evening / clutch bags, occasion handbags

iii)    Wholesale Fashion jewellery, Statement jewellery

iv)    Wholesale Fashion shoes, Ladies shoes, Children shoes

vi)    Wholesale purses 

For your one stop shopping needs visit 1001 and 184 Commercial Road London our showroom stocks ladies and children's shoes, fashion jewellery, purses, clutch bags. 

The business is owned and run by by Lisa, Jon, Sophia and Stephen Walker.


We cater for Wholesalers, Market Traders and small businesses such as Party Plan etc.  We are one of the largest Import and Wholesaler of Ladies Fashion Bags, Purses, Wallets and Evening Bags (Satin and Beaded) in the UK.  We have over 500 different models, each with four to five different colours per model, evening bags have up to eight colours per model. Prices range from £2 for Purses / Wallets to £30 for the Bags, volume discounts upon request.

Information, Address, Contact Info and Opening Times

You can find Jade Land Enterprises (JLE) / JLUK at:-

JLE Fashion

184 Commercial Road,


E1 2JY

Tel:       020 3246 3016

email jadeland88@yahoo.co.uk

Opening times are:-

Mon – Fri 10 to 7pm

Sun          9 to 4pm